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Yoni Egg - Tiger's Eye



Tiger's eye is seen as a stone that has a strong grounding and harmonizing effect. It would center your attention and thus protect you from outside influences. The stone is said to have a positive effect on the sexual organs, hormone balances and therefore fertility. The stone is attributed to being supported in creative processes. In addition, she would help you to trust yourself and your intuition. The stone is said to help against fears and overstimulation and to relax physical and emotional tensions. The stone is said to bring the physical and emotional body into balance. The antispasmodic effect is also said to have a positive effect on the nervous system and the spine.

Color and appearance of Tiger's Eye
The appearance of the stone is as if it were made of wood. The embedded asbestos crystals give the stone its shine. The material is transparent, and therefore you can see these crystals at different depths, which gives the effect of depth when you move the stone.