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Yoni Egg - Serpentine xiuyan jade



From Serpentine

It is said to have a grounding effect and, like jade, to connect and balance the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. The stone is said to provide cleansing on an energetic level in all chakras. It is not without reason that serpentine is named after the snake, the formation of the stone crystals takes place in a snake-like manner, and therefore you can sometimes see snake-like patterns in the stone. The stone is attributed to opening the body to allow the kundalini energy to flow. It is believed that this is achieved because it works strongly on the nervous system, and therefore the spine (base of Kundalini). In addition, the stone is said to help detoxify and cleanse the body, both the blood and the nervous system.

The grounding effect attributed to serpentine is said to help keep out negative energy and help calm tension, stress and inner unrest.

Color and appearance of Serpentine xiuyan jade

Light green, to almost white. The pattern is somewhat cloud-like, although specimens can vary greatly in appearance, with some stones being almost transparent. The stone feels soapy and is often cut slightly less smoothly than, for example, types of quartz. This is because the variation in hardness makes it difficult to grind and polish this type of stone properly.

Serpentine in the yoni?

is ideal for conscious sexual practice because it opens the kundalini energy. The kundalini energy helps to transform sexual energy into healing vital energy for the body. With this you can practice not reaching a peak orgasm, but the more healing and full-body valley orgasm, where this vital energy does not remain centered on the sexual organs, but spreads throughout the entire body. You don't try to orgasm for this, but instead relax into the arousal, if it is great. This stone is also said to help reduce sexual problems associated with tension due to its grounding effect, the quality that is attributed to balancing body, emotion and mind plays an important role in this. The stone is said to have a relaxing effect,

About the stone type

Serpentine is often mined in the same veins (and therefore mines) where nephrite jade is mined. The chemical composition is very similar, but serpentine is less dense in structure. As a number of Chinese jade mines have become exhausted, more and more serpentine has entered the market and is incorrectly sold as jade. Some types of serpentine are also called 'new jade'. Real jade often has small black spots, while serpentine can have cloud-like white areas/lines. Black is rare in serpentine.