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Yoni Egg - Red Jasper



Jasper is primarily valued for the grounding and protective effect it is said to have. It is said to have a positive effect on the circulation, circulation, digestion, intestines and genitals. Jasper is said to support balancing body, soul and spirit.

Red Jasper is believed to be one of the most energizing jasper types. Its effect is said to provide extra support for the blood circulation and sexual organs. Salt is said to balance the amount of minerals in the body and detoxify the blood and liver. In addition, she is said to stimulate the base chakra, ground energy and restore imbalances. A good connection with the base chakra is seen as helpful in feeling boundaries, supporting your willpower and an overall sense of vitality. Emotionally, it is believed that red jasper provides calmness and insight into problem situations.

Color and appearance of Red Jasper
Red with accents of quartz, and black lines and dots, but sometimes also other accents and minerals.

Jasper can be used in the Yoni during pregnancy (maximum 1 hour). In addition, this type of stone is recommended for women during and after menopause. It is said to have a positive effect on vaginal dryness.

Energetic Cleansing of Jasper
Jasper is a real earthy stone, which is why it is very nice to cleanse the stone by burying it in the earth. Due to the quality of the stone, this even tends to recharge the stone. You can also clean the stone under running water, with possibly added salt or with the smoke of palo santo.