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Yoni Egg - Light Green Aventurine



Aventurine is said to connect the intellectual and emotional bodies Her energy is said to provide emotional security and confidence, and is therefore very suitable for balancing the sexual organs, the heart and the head. In addition, the stone is said to balance male and female energies.

People believe that aventurine helps to experience zest for life (or life energy/sexual energy), and that it motivates you to make your dreams come true. In addition, it would promote leadership and decision-making skills. She would provide both control and harmony.

Physically, aventurine is said to have a positive effect on the heart and blood pressure.

Green aventurine is a stone that represents optimism and harmony. It is said to have a relaxing and calming effect on anger, annoyance and frustration. In addition, it is believed that she gives comfort and helps to regain confidence and lost control. She would contribute to the resolution of negative emotions and thoughts. In addition, it is believed that it absorbs electromagnetic radiation (such as from a mobile phone).

Color and appearance of Green Aventurine
Green, with small shiny crystals, which can look somewhat glittery. The stone is not transparent.

Aventurine in the yoni
As a yoni egg you can choose aventurine if you want to learn to relax in your sexual energy, and to activate it as well as transform it into healing energy. You can also choose this type of stone if you want to balance your masculine and feminine aspects.

About the stone type
Aventurine belongs to the quartz family and comes in several colors. It can vary from green, blue, red, brown to peach. The stone is glassy and appears to glitter due to metal inclusions.

Energetic Cleansing of Aventurine
Aventurine is a type of quartz and naturally has a clean energy that absorbs few negative energies. If you still want to clean, there are the following options: water cleaning in running water. an energetic cleansing in the earth outside or inside (with a houseplant), an air cleansing by wind outside, or by fanning it with a feather, for example, or a fire cleansing with the smoke of sage or palo santo.

Charging Aventurine
With sunlight (male), moonlight (female), or with rock crystal.