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Washable Sanitary Pads - Starter Kit



A beautiful set of products from EcoFemme

4 washable pads in different sizes.

This “Starter Kit” is an excellent way to get acquainted with cloth sanitary towels.
This set has white matter where the blood is collected. This makes it visible what color your menstrual blood is. In addition, you can better see how easily the blood comes off your bandage when you rinse it. Some women believe that this has a certain meaning.
I personally prefer the colored line, where light and permanent discolorations are less visible. This is my first order of this product, if you are specifically interested in the products from this line, please contact me and I can take this into account in my next order.

Includes: 1 panty liner, 1 day pad, 1 day pad Plus, 1 night pad, care instructions/tips and a menstrual cycle tracking chart.

Made in India from certified organic cotton, and as a conscious initiative to support the local population.

With every purchase of a Day Pad Plus you contribute to 1 cloth sanitary pad for a girl in India through


  • Made from GOTS-certified organic cotton from India, stitched in one piece.
  • Top layer: Organic cotton flannel dyed with organically certified dyes.
  • Inner layers: several layers of undyed and unbleached organic cotton flannel.
  • Back layer: Organic cotton with a leak-proof layer.
  • Closes with one nickel-free metal press stud.
  • Product lifespan: The PUL layer lasts approximately 75 – 100 washes, or 3 – 5 years, depending on how often a sanitary napkin is used and how well it is maintained.

The product comes with a user manual. and view for more use and care tips.

Experience of Wanda – Entrepreneur Yoni Yoga
I had been looking for the perfect washable sanitary towels for several years. After 20 years of menstruating, and a now quite high level of awareness in the pelvic floor area, I no longer believe in collecting blood internally (tampon/menstrual cub). I notice that collecting the blood outside the body increases the release process of menstruation. It ensures a lighter and more pleasant menstruation. I have never liked disposable sanitary towels, they quickly feel sweaty to me and quickly create unpleasant odors.
During my trip to India I came across the beautiful products from Ecofemme In Auroville, India, and was immediately enthusiastic! I am even more excited now that I am now sharing these beautiful products with you on my website.