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Yoni Egg - Chinese nephrite jade



The name Nephrite comes from the Greek 'nephros' (eng. Nephrite), meaning 'kidneys', so it is not surprising that the stone is attributed a positive effect on the kidneys. In Chinese culture, nephrite jade is also called 'the stone of heaven'.

Nephrite Jade is the stone that was traditionally used in Taoism as a yoni egg, so it is the most used and recommended type of stone for this purpose. It is claimed that the stone balances the physiological aspects of the yoni and therefore the body. Jade is seen as a purifying stone, not only is it said to bring emotional peace to the mind and heart, but it is also said to work physically on the nervous system and kidneys, so that toxins can be removed and physical tensions can be released. The stone is said to have a filtering effect on the body. Salts and minerals are said to be balanced in the body by the stone. It is further believed that the stone promotes fertility and works on the adrenal glands, spleen and cell formation.

Green jade is said to have a soothing effect on the heart and channel passion. In this way she would harmonize poorly functioning relationships. The soothing effect on the mind is said to chase away negative feelings, thus helping to gain overview and let go of irritation and unnecessary feelings. More balance in psychological aspects stabilizes the mind and supports independence.
The general effect of this stone is seen as bringing body and mind into harmony and integrating aspects thereof.

Color and appearance of Chinese Nephrite jade
Dark green to black, not transparent.

Nephrite jade in the yoni is the stone that is recommended for beginners with the yoni egg. This is because this stone is believed to balance the yoni and body in a gentle and cleansing way. It is said to work subtly on the nervous system, so that unnecessary emotional and physical tensions in the yoni area can be released. This has a very positive effect on the hips. The kidneys, which in Taoism are directly linked to our sexuality, are said to be activated by this stone.

About the stone type
Nephrite is one of the two true jade types (nephrite and jadeite). Nephrite is formed by felting during the compression of actinolite. The molecular structure of the material makes it very hard and tough, making it suitable for making tools and jewelry. The name is derived from the Greek word nephros, which means kidney. In many cultures, including Taoism, the stone is attributed an effect related to the function of the kidneys.

Energetic Cleansing of Nephrite Jade
Jade is believed to absorb a lot of negativity by helping to let go of what you don't need. It is therefore important to regularly cleanse the stone intensively energetically. Under running water with sea salt is a powerful and easy method for this. If you feel that the stone is full of negative energy, bury it in the earth, preferably during (every) new moon.

Energetic charging of Nephrite jade
Try to place the stone outside in the moonlight during the full moon, see if you can also reflect on how your process is going at this time. You can also charge the stone on a bed of rock crystal, or near rock crystal stones.

CAUTION during pregnancy
It is said that Jade stimulates labor and induces contractions, so it is strongly discouraged to use this egg during pregnancy. Do you want to work with a yoni egg during pregnancy;