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How do I wash my Washable Sanitary Napkins?
<p>Text taken and translated from www.ecofemme.org Do you want to know the best way to wash your cloth sanitary towels? Here is a blog article that will give you some tips&#8230; and is followed by PART 2: Choosing a soap to wash cloth sanitary pads and PART 3: Introducing the new Cloth-Pad-Soap made by our friends [&hellip;]</p>
The Wisdom of Menstruation
<p>The menstrual cycle as a deeper look at Letting Go and Connection Menstruation plays an important role in the awareness of female sexuality. It is a period of letting go and connecting with our bodies and the natural cycles of life. In this article I will delve deeper into the meaning of menstruation, the relationship [&hellip;]</p>
Warning Green serpentine yoni egg
<p>Be careful with Green serpentine! Do you recognize this egg? Then don't use it intimately! Green serpentine is one of the most sold Yoni eggs in the Netherlands and worldwide! I was very shocked when I discovered the following: these green serpentine eggs react and dissolve in lactic acid, with an acidity between 3 &amp; 3.8</p>
Anal De-armouring
<p>In this article I will delve deeper into the problems that arise from tension in the anus. I also describe a method to de-armor the anus. De-armouring and anal massage can help relieve discomfort associated with the pelvic floor, promote pelvic health, and increase sensitivity and awareness in</p>
Meditate with your yoni egg
<p>It can be very valuable not to actively practice with the yoni egg, but simply to bring your attention to the place where your vagina surrounds the yoni egg. This can be a powerful method to create more awareness in your pelvic area, investigate trauma or relax your pelvic floor, especially if&nbsp;</p>
Breast massage
<p>For most women, female sexuality works from &lsquo;outside in&rsquo;. You will probably experience that the more you come into contact with your female sexuality, the more difficult it becomes for you when your vulva/vagina is approached directly. The breasts/breast massage can be an important key on the way to your pelvic area. NOTE: it could be</p>
<p>Hemorrhoids occur in both women and men, but the causes are more common for women, partly because pregnancy can play an important role in their development. The factors that may play a role in the development of hemorrhoids include prolonged sitting or standing, constipation, pregnancy, heavy lifting, obesity, a poor diet that</p>
Heavy menstruation
<p>A heavy period &amp; Difficulty letting go? A combination that I encounter remarkably often, both in my own process of personal development and with friends and clients. What I mean by a heavy period is losing a lot of blood or for a long time and or a lot of pain and cramps, or in the worst case you even suffer from Endometriosis.</p>
<p>The yoni egg is used for your sexual healing, vitality and well-being. On this page you will find various exercises to travel with the yoni egg. Get in touch with the power of your pelvic floor. About Yoni Yoga – Yoga does not so much mean doing sports and exercising and stretching your muscles, yoga [&hellip;]</p>
Reflexiology of the Vagina
<p>Many nerve endings that are connected to the entire body come together in the vagina. In Taoism, the different organs in the body are connected to different locations in the vagina. In the illustration below you will learn more about the reflexiology of the vagina. Taoism also connects elements, colors and [&hellip;]</p> to each zone
Cleansing Gemstones
<p>In this article I discuss a number of different energetic cleansing methods for gemstones. You can clean gemstones in different ways depending on what feels right for you at a specific moment. The methods are ritual in nature, and it is about your experience and the meaning you give to what you perform. Overall [&hellip;]</p>
Which gemstones are safe as yoni egg?
<p>Not all gemstones are suitable for use as a Yoni egg, which is why I try to collect as much relevant information in this article as I can from my knowledge. There is an enormous variety of gemstones, so I will not be able to name all types. I will discuss the most common ones partly based on their classification&nbsp;</p>
Tiger's Eye contains Asbestos | Is this dangerous?
<p>Tiger's eye contains embedded asbestos fibers. Are these fibers a health hazard if you use a yoni egg and are there dangers for the people who mine and process the stones? After much consideration, I have decided not to purchase Tiger Eye products again. A confirming conversation with my gemologist which [&hellip;]</p>
Information about the yoni egg
<p>The yoni egg has a healing and vitalizing effect on the woman's pelvic area. This crystal egg is inserted into the vagina, after which you can do exercises that make the pelvic area more sensitive, stronger and more aware. You can also insert the egg without doing any specific exercises, you will then notice that your vagina itself with&nbsp;</p>
Exercises for prolapse
<p>Strengthening the deep pelvic floor In the event of prolapse, it is valuable in all cases to train and activate the pelvic floor muscles. If you suffer from a serious prolapse, always consult your doctor, gynecologist or pelvic floor specialist first. I would like to share a series of valuable exercises that help the deeper muscle layers in the pelvic floor</p>
Yoni egg doesn't stay put | Why is that?
<p>If you work with a yoni egg, in some cases the egg may not remain in your vagina when you insert it. In this article you can read what this could be due to. Many women think that they have to work with a larger egg, but that is&nbsp;</p>
Nephrite jade
<p>Nephrite is the most recommended and widely used yoni egg. I sell many different qualities and types of nephrite in my webshop, this may make it a bit difficult to choose. If you would like to make a tailor-made choice, please feel free to contact me. Hopefully a personal photo will help you determine which egg is the best</p>
What is the correct size?
<p>Yoni eggs come in all sizes. That's great, because every woman is different. But which size suits you best, and how do you find out? You may also want to use a larger or smaller egg for certain exercises. Often (in my opinion) relatively large yoni eggs are sold.</p>
Vaginismus - the Yoni egg
<p>The use of a yoni egg for vaginismus is not self-evident. I would therefore recommend that you work extra consciously, lovingly and slowly; you obviously do not want to increase the tension that is already there (for whatever reason). Respect your body and the signals from your yoni, especially with [&hellip;]</p>
Cleaning, Hygiene, Energy
<p>Here you will find more information about both the hygienic cleansing of your yoni egg and other products, and the more energetic/spiritual cleansing. Hygienic cleaning before first use The products you buy on my website (although they are sealed) have not been hygienically cleaned. Before first use I recommend that the product is hygienically [&hellip;]</p>
<p>Menopause is a phase in a woman's life in which the production of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone decreases. Menopause (the last menstruation) marks the end of her fertile life, with which she enters the 3rd hormonal phase in her life (virgin, mother, crone). Menopause comes from the Greek words 'menos' (month) and 'pausis' (stop). [&hellip;]</p>
Help my yoni egg is stuck! | What can you do?
<p>It's a shock if your yoni egg doesn't come out on its own. It can happen to you that the string breaks and when you squat the egg does not come out. What then? Even if you are used to working with an egg without a string, and you normally do it without any problems [&hellip;]</p>
Female sexuality | In contact with your power
<p>We live in a society that is 'doing and performance-oriented', even in bed we have to perform... Female sexuality requires the opposite. Without action and without purpose! Most women instinctively know this, and we feel that something is wrong when we experience our sexuality in a 'masculine way'. Daring to live [&hellip;]</p>
Yoni Steam | A preparation for working with the yoni egg
<p>Enjoy the relaxing warmth for your yoni. The Yonisteam is an old custom that can be found in many ancient cultures around the world, including China, Africa and South America. Classically, beneficial herbs are added that are said to have a healing effect on the female genitals. The yoni steam is a beautiful [&hellip;]</p>
Urinary loss
<p>Urinary loss is a common female discomfort. Urinary leakage usually occurs when sneezing, laughing or jumping. This is the reason for many women who start working with a yoni egg. I am convinced that working with an egg is a very good choice for this, but it is important to [&hellip;]</p>
Missing menstruation
<p>The absence of menstruation can have many causes, the essence of which is often that the body has insufficient strength (or attention) to reproduce. The most basic causes are underweight and overweight (overweight often due to PCOS). Trauma or cultural beliefs, in which the (sexual) experience of the body and womanhood is denied, can [&hellip;]</p>
<p>Maybe you want more depth and insight into female sexuality and/or working with the yoni egg. Below you will find an overview of a number of books that I recommend reading. To support the practice and for further information, I recommend the following books: The Sensual Woman – Saida Désilets Sexual [&hellip;]</p>
Weak or underactive pelvic floor?
<p>What is the difference between a weak or an underactive pelvic floor? A weak pelvic floor and an underactive pelvic floor are two different conditions that can occur in women and men. With a weak pelvic floor, the pelvic floor muscles are weak and do not function properly, while with an underactive pelvic floor, the pelvic floor muscles are tense but not strong [&hellip;]</p>
<p>Estrogen is an important hormone for the health of the yoni (uterus, ovaries and vagina). Estrogen stimulates blood supply and circulation in the pelvic area, thereby ensuring proper hydration and elasticity of the vaginal walls. A good estrogen balance is therefore important for a vital and well-functioning yoni and therefore sexual health. The other way around [&hellip;]</p>
The Pelvic Floor
<p>The pelvic floor is a complex group of many different muscles that play an important role in supporting the pelvic organs and regulating urine flow, defecation and sexuality. The pelvic floor has a depth of about 5 centimeters at the vagina, although this can vary per person. This is why [&hellip;]</p>
What's in it for the man?
<p>Yoni Yoga is intended as yoga for the female genitals, and is based on female sexuality and anatomy. Still, what Yoni Yoga has to offer can be super valuable for men. The essence of Yoni Yoga is about becoming aware of and cultivating the vital energy in the pelvic area. For men, [&hellip;]</p>
The Anus
<p>The anus is a valuable gateway to release tension from the body. Anal experiences can be profound, transformative and sexually charged. The function of the anus is not primarily for sexual pleasure, nor is anal stimulation enjoyable or valuable for everyone. There's nothing wrong with you if you [&hellip;]</p>
<p>A prolapse can cause very unpleasant and sometimes painful symptoms. Often a feeling of pressure, fullness or heaviness in the pelvis; vagina, abdomen, legs or groin. Complaints can be very unpleasant, especially during urination, defecation and sex. Due to damage to muscle and connective tissue, the bladder, intestines and uterus no longer sit/stay neatly in place, [&hellip;]</p>
<p>De-Armouring – is a technique in which stored (emotional) tensions are released from the body. Armor means armor in Dutch. Because we have been through painful experiences in the past, we 'harden' parts of ourselves, so that you can better protect yourself against a possible (emotional) blow. As a reference, think of the classic: THE SHOULDERS; the [&hellip;]</p>
<p>Not with all purchases of gemstones you can assume that the gemstone you buy is actually what it is sold for. Easily available varieties such as rose quartz are almost always natural, unprocessed, and real. However, you cannot rely on this with jade, for example. There are many different other stones on the market that [&hellip;]</p>